SYB Stick-On EMF Pocket Patch

 SYB Stick-On EMF Pocket Patch These were a bit too big to put in my pants pockets because I think they were made for men’s pants, however I did line the inside of my purse that I carry against me with these. It’s hard to say if they work or not, but I think it’s a nice precaution to have.  I received this product in exchange for my honest and … Read More

Easy@Home Areta Pulse Oximeter

Easy@Home Areta Pulse Oximeter Works great and accuracy matches other medical devices I own.  I wish it included a range of what values were considered “normal” but that was easily looked up on the internet.  Good design and comfortable on the finger.  I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

ROHEGO Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

ROHEGO Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat I never would’ve thought I needed a comfort mat in my kitchen to do my dishes but boy what a difference this thing has made. It is so cozy and comfy on my feet and it makes such a difference when doing small tasks that are normally just annoying and strenuous to do. It’s so cushy under my feet I can’t imagine not having it … Read More

Running Belt

Running Belt This is an incredibly useful product that I didn’t know existed until only recently. It’s hardly noticeable and yet fits even an iPhone 6+. Well it’s nice that it comes with the additions in the bundle, I honestly haven’t used them yet. I don’t really think I need them, especially the e-book.  However I do love the belt itself.

MLVOC Wireless Doorbell Set

MVLOC Wireless Doorbell Set I like that this doorbell works well from a distance. There’re also lots of different chimes to choose from some of them short and some of them long. There are four different volume settings. For me I like that there is such a low-volume option, however I want to give this to my parents to use and for them I wish that the loudest setting was … Read More

MLVOC Garden Hose Sprayer

Garden Hose Nozzle, MLVOC Garden Hose Sprayer, 8 Adjustable Pattern, Can Independently Open or Closed Foam Storage, Best for Hand Watering Plants , Lawn and Washing Car , Dog I use this to wash my house windows from outside. As others have mentioned, it doesn’t come with instructions so I had to google it to figure out how to use it. Mine is kind of leaky, but not so bad … Read More

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