Genuine Freshwater Pearl Button Earrings

Genuine Freshwater Pearl Button Earrings 9MM BUTTON WHITE FRESHWATER EARRINGS  These earrings are super cute and make a great gift for mom!  They are not fully round, so slightly different from your traditional pearl earrings.  They come in multiple colors.  The might be a little bit more expensive than we’d expect (the backings slightly irritate my sensitive ears), but they are none-the-less cute and larger than we expected.    

Backseat Car Organizer by Fancy Mobility

Fancy Mobility Backseat Car Organizer – Kids Toy Storage – Comes with Visor Organizer This is a handy backseat organizer but not quite as useful as some of the others on the market. It doesn’t have a holder for a tablet nor does it have any sort of cooler type pocket. Instead it’s just a bunch of pockets that are useful for toys water bottles pinkies and that sort of … Read More

Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra

Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra I put this bra to the ultimate test…I wore it while flying from coast to coast WITHOUT my newborn. I wanted to see a) how comfortable it was b) how well it adjusted to my expanding breast size as I did/didn’t pump over the course of a few days and c) what kind of added leakage protection it offered me (in addition to breast … Read More

Skeeter Retreater

Skeeter Retreater My family and I went to the zoo today and so sprayed ourselves all over with this stuff….and not a bite anywhere!  After reading through the ingredients list, I felt totally comfortable putting this on my baby and toddler.  The rest of my [extended] family was still skeptical since they hadn’t done the research that I’d done and came home with a few bites.  Great, safe product! … Read More

Mamaway Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt – Ergonomic & Breathable Maternity Belt Perfect for Pregnancy & Postnatal Recovery for Women – Comfortable Band Wrap for Lower Back, Hip & Pelvic Support First off, I should start by mentioning that this product says very clearly on the box that it is a postnatal recovery support belt. It says nothing about being used during pregnancy as far as I can tell.  I think it could … Read More

HomeBeck® Burger Shocker, 8 in 1 Original Burger Press

HomeBeck® Burger Shocker, 8 in 1 Original Burger Press, Press 8 Tasty 1/4 Pound,4-Patty, 4 Circular Compartments,Red At first I was a little confused about how to use this product, but figured it out pretty quickly. It’s super easy to shape and freeze burgers, but I do find it a little odd that some come out as hexagons and others come out as circles. This product has been useful for … Read More

100% Pure Copper Mug, 16 Ounces

100% Pure Copper Mug, 16 Ounces Great for Moscow Mules, Cocktails, Beers & Beverages This is a great, classy little mug for the perfect Moscow Mule or lemony drink (like iced tea). There’s nothing quite like drinking out of a cool metallic cup during the warm summer months for the perfect refreshment. This mug not only looks classy and helps keep drinks cooler longer, it also starts to take on … Read More

NimNik Stroller Hooks

NimNik Stroller Hooks   These stroller hooks are super useful especially because they rotate. Unlike my metal hooks that I have of my other stroller if I put these ones on backwards I just have to rotate the hook and they’re easily changed. I’m only giving them for stars though because they don’t seem like they’re quite as strong as my metal hooks and the Velcro seems to be a … Read More

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