ISA Professional Victorya Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This straightener is awesome, it works so much better than my drugstore-quality ones.  The auto temperature adjustment is great for humidity and changing environmental conditions.  Sometimes my hair is super flat and other times it is a big wavy poofball, so this straightener’s ability to “read” my hair is fantastic and gets it perfect every time.  I’m never going back to the Walgreen’s one again! #ISAprofessional ISA Professional Victorya Flat … Read More

Natural Home Odor Eliminator Bag by Sagano

I just started using charcoal/natural odor eliminators around the house because I have a newborn (and a toddler), and they’ve been great at getting rid of that musky smell that so many other people have likewise mentioned. I use this particular bag in my car, which was previously eminating funky dog and kid smells. This has really helped get my car smelling a lot better, and I really like that … Read More

Set of 6 Light Gray Storage Basket Bins

These are relatively standard storage cubes. There is it a pulled up for storage, and they have dual handles for easy carrying. The light gray color is a solid gray, not a heather gray (the listing pictures look a bit like heather gray on my screen). These are high-quality cubes with the reinforced stitching and I have no complaints about them. It is worth noting that they are smaller than … Read More

Wicks Studio Dry Oil Body Mist

Wicks Studio Dry Oil Body Mist in Lavender is a light and refreshing oil that can be used on wet or dry skin.  I tested it out, and while I like the lightness of the oil, the fragrance was a bit too perfumey for me and not like the typical lavender scent that I’m used to.  It still smelled nice, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  It is … Read More

Kitclan 3 LED Lights 2X Handheld Magnifier Glass

I’m young, but I’m pretty much blind as a bat without my glasses on (and lately even with them on- my prescription needs updating). I was playing around with this and it seemed kind of blurry, but I wasn’t 100% if it was the magnifier or my eyes, but finally came to the conclusion that it was the magnifier and was feeling pretty disappointed. As I was showing it to … Read More

Keurig Freedom Stickers By Freedom Brew Sheet of 960 Stickers Work K300 K400 K500

These are great little money-saving stickers. I think most of the other reviewers have already hit on how well they work, so I don’t have much to add except to say this is a pretty awesome yet simple invention. They work with K 300, 400 and 500 brewers but NOT K200 brewers. The envelope that they came in is so plain that I almost threw it away, so make sure … Read More

Review of Motion Bowl Toilet Nightlight #hom

This is great…except for some reason the light sensor doesn’t recognize when the light in my bathroom is on, so the light doesn’t turn off automatically like it should. BUT, when I turn on the light in the room right next to my bathroom, it does turn off. It’s so strange! I had to knock a few stars off for that because it’s going to end up draining the batteries … Read More

Meterteck Digital Multimeter #Meterteck

I used this to test batteries a few times, and it seemed to work well, but the other functions were a little over my head, so I gave it to my brother, who is an avid car enthusiast.  I’m not 100% what exactly he does with it (lol), but he said that it works well and he likes that the screen is backlit, since he has another multimeter that doesn’t … Read More

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