Fast Mile Car Window Sock-Shade #FastMileSunshades

I was kind of confused about how to install this at first, but figured it out by looking at the pics on the Amazon listing (which are backwards btw…the mesh part goes INSIDE your car). At first it didn’t fit my BMW X3 windows, but stretched out quickly. It filters 99% of UV rays, prevents bugs from coming in, and you can still open the window with them on. They’re … Read More

Tour Strong Backseat Car Organizer

This is a good organizer with tons of pockets that can hold a ton of different sized items. It has hooks on the bottom of it so that you can hook it to the bottom of the seat to keep it flush against the seat (this is the first time I’ve seen those in backseat organizers). The reason I am dinging this a star is because I thought, based on … Read More

Review of Baby Preferred Teething, Drool Pads & Bib for Ergobaby Carrier

These are super cute. I know they are for the Ergobaby carriers, however I was able to jerry rig them to work with my [much cheaper] Infantino Flip 4 in 1 carrier (my absolute favorite carrier, even after trying Ergobaby and a million other brands). While I had to kind of put the drool pad on backwards, it doesn’t look bad at all….it sort of looks like that’s how it … Read More

EGOZ Easy to carry Army Green Warm Adult Sleeping Bag #egoz

When I first unrolled the sleeping bag I was a bit concerned. There were a few loose threads on it and the material didn’t feel all that great, so I snipped off the threads and decided to wash it before using it. Washing it made all the difference. It emerged from the dryer as a supremely soft and cozy sleeping bag. I’m not sure that this is as warm as … Read More

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier in Sherlock

I’m slightly obsessed with Mamaway’s Ring Sling Carrier. In fact, this is my second one (I also have the Ocean Lanna color). Since they are pretty much the exact same, but just in different patterns, I’ll share my review from the other pattern here too: I’ve always use more of the ergo-style carrier with both of my babies, and had never really thought about using a sling/ ring sling carrier, … Read More

Dealing with “Mom Guilt”

As the mother of two little girls and a business owner, it’s easy for mom guilt to take over. It hit badly a few days ago, when I sat my daughter in front of the television for a few hours while I did some work. After doing my best to shake those guilty feelings off, I reminded myself that it’s perfectly acceptable to cut myself a little slack. It also … Read More

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