The History Major: A Novella

An interesting, quick read. The author does a great job in character development and the overall plot of the book kind of brings me back to my college days with the post-party confusion and general haze of freshman year (albeit the book is a bit more convoluded, creepy and intense lol). I love novellas – quick reads that make me feel like I accomplished something. This is an enterntaining story … Read More

The Glow Moon and Stars

This is the 3rd set of glow stars that I’ve gone through for my almost 4 year old and I must say, these rock! First off, the moon is HUGE (probably like a foot end to end) and the stars actually STICK because of the putty that is included. I’ve tried some other brands that were just stickers and they fell off within a couple of weeks. These are bright … Read More

Swissvita Anti Wrinkle Cream with AC-11

I love Swissvita – I’ve tried a few of their products and they are consistently high-quality, great products, and this one is no different. I don’t have many wrinkles quite yet, most likely because I have been using anti-wrinkle creams for the past 8 or so years, so it’s hard for me to judge how well this works on existing wrinkles, so I will just tell you what I like … Read More

LNKOO Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headset

This is my first Bluetooth headset and I’m much more impressed than I expected I would be. It only works in your right ear, but it contains an extension piece with another earbud attached to it so you can use your earbuds in both ears if you want to listen to music, which I think is really a nice touch. The sound quality is pretty decent and the controls are … Read More

2 Pack of Universal 3-in-1 Travel Plug Adapter

This is a review for the 2 Pack of Universal 3 in 1 Travel Plug Adapter – JACKYLED International Trip Companion Converter for UK,HongKong,CE RoHS Certificated,13A,250V AC. These are not the fanciest travel adapters that I’ve ever owned, but they are decent. Quite a few of the adapters that I have look cool, but they can’t be used with polarized plugs (when one of the metal sides is wider than … Read More

Cove 32 Mayan Handmade Caribbean Matrimonial Hammock

This is an awesome hammock for our back yard. It’s more tropical than standard hammocks, but subdued enough to not look cheesy. It is super durable and strong (it can hold 2 people, hence why it’s called a matrimonial hammock…). It’s really comfortable and a great addition to our patio/backyard set up. #qualitywoodurns

Willow & Everett Electric Kettle for Pour Over Coffee and Tea

I drink a ton of tea and usually get pretty lazy about boiling water, so i just plop my mug in the microwave, but recently my 4yr old started wanting “tea” too (which I pour over ice to cool down of course), and this kettle is super handy for boiling a higher quantity of water now! I’m not sure how it’s possible that I’ve never owned an electric kettle before … Read More

I Max Wrinkle Reducing & Lifting Cream

Stem cells? As in cells from plant stems or what? Because this obviously doesn’t contain human stem cells- that would be illegal. It really frustrates me that companies are even trying to make claims like this. Peptides? They work. Hyaluronic Acid? It works. Stem cells? Ridiculously false claim. #IMaxWrinkleReducingLiftingCream

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