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What clothes do I actually need for my baby and in what sizes? Is buying newborn sizes worth it?

My 2nd daughter was born slightly under 7 lbs. Tons of people gave us newborn stuff at my baby shower. Well, she’s now 3 months and around ~11lbs and I have so many cute NB outfits that she never got to wear and many still even have the tags on them. It bums me out that we didn’t receive bigger sizes in them! So, in retrospect, what clothes did I … Read More

Dealing with “Mom Guilt”

As the mother of two little girls and a business owner, it’s easy for mom guilt to take over. It hit badly a few days ago, when I sat my daughter in front of the television for a few hours while I did some work. After doing my best to shake those guilty feelings off, I reminded myself that it’s perfectly acceptable to cut myself a little slack. It also … Read More