Dealing with “Mom Guilt”

Dealing with “Mom Guilt”

As the mother of two little girls and a business owner, it’s easy for mom guilt to take over. It hit badly a few days ago, when I sat my daughter in front of the television for a few hours while I did some work. After doing my best to shake those guilty feelings off, I reminded myself that it’s perfectly acceptable to cut myself a little slack. It also got me thinking about some of the other mom guilt scenarios I’ve faced…and the truth behind them.

Date Night
You were a couple before you were parents, and it’s important to maintain that first relationship. It will make for a happier home. And besides, it can be easy to coordinate a playdate for the kids while you’re out. So they’ll have a good time too.

Not Being Able To Buy Your Kids Every Toy They Ask For
Don’t forget there’s such a thing as overindulgence, so it’s important to strike a balance. Ten years from now, your kids probably won’t remember that paw patrol toy they didn’t get, but they will remember feeling loved. And that’s really the best thing you can give them – and yourself.

Not Having Time To Cook A Gourmet Meal
Yes, mac & cheese (even the organic kind!) isn’t the healthiest of options. However, sometimes the reality is that after a long day of work, an awful commute, and various other errands, there just isn’t enough time in the day to prepare a more substantive dinner and get it on the table at a time that won’t mess up your child’s routine. Remember, your parents probably didn’t serve a gourmet dinner seven days a week when you were growing up, and you turned out great regardless. So will your kids.

Let’s face it, mom guilt can be a never ending thing – but it’s also a tell-tale sign of how much you love your kids. However, the next time mom guilt hits, my advice (which I’m going to try and heed myself!) is this: recognize it, remember that you’re a great parent just for feeling it in the first place, and realize that it’s okay not to act on it all the time.

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