What clothes do I actually need for my baby and in what sizes?   Is buying newborn sizes worth it?

What clothes do I actually need for my baby and in what sizes? Is buying newborn sizes worth it?

My 2nd daughter was born slightly under 7 lbs. Tons of people gave us newborn stuff at my baby shower. Well, she’s now 3 months and around ~11lbs and I have so many cute NB outfits that she never got to wear and many still even have the tags on them. It bums me out that we didn’t receive bigger sizes in them! So, in retrospect, what clothes did I actually need and in what sizes? And is buying newborn-size clothes worth it?

Here’s the short answer: I would get the bare minimum in newborn sizes, my daughter outgrew them and was comfortably in size 0-3 for most items within maybe 2-3 weeks.

I literally get sent hundreds of baby products to test and blog about (like these bibs that I’m about to write a post about), so I’ve been through my fair share of baby clothes.

So, after two children, here is what I suggest for quantities for various sizes as well as the products/brands that I use for my own babies.


For short sleeves, you should buy about six in NB, six 0-3mo and six 3-6mo (Gerber is cheaper than Carter’s), but frankly the 3-6 month size in these ones have fit my daughter since she was a month old, so I’d have to say they were the best (and cutest) onesies investment since they will fit her for quite a while (and they match the hats I mention below lol). I don’t have any long sleeve onesies, but there have been a handful of occasions where I wish I had bought a 6-pack of 0-3 or 3-6mo, however I’ve survived without them so far. Will get some for winter later in the year though.



I’d suggest 2-3 of them in NB size, 2-3 in size 0-3, 3-4 in 3mo, 4-6 in 3-6mo. Go for the ones with zippers instead of snaps (obvi). Gerber was again the cheapest I could find for zipper footies. I skipped buying NB size footies altogether since I had three NB footies leftover from my 1st daughter, and that was more than enough in NB size this time around… I could have easily gone straight for 0-3mo. If you haven’t had a baby shower yet, everyone always buys NB sized stuff, so don’t buy any yourself. I ended up returning/swapping out tons of NB-sized gifts for larger sizes. My baby has been able to wear 3-6mos since about 2mo old, and while they are big, they aren’t as baggy as you’d think.


Get at least 5 of them. Many fit from 0-6 or 0-9 mos, so they’re a good investment…Gerber is once again my favorite. DON’T buy these gowns from Carter’s…the elastic at the bottom is so thick and strong that I went so far as to complain to Carter’s that they should be discontinued because they are actually dangerous for newborns because they pull on their necks so hard that, while I was putting my baby’s arms in, I felt like I was actually strangling her and the elastic was pulling so strongly on her neck that it could potentially break it (seriously), I HATE them!  With my 1st daughter, I splurged on these 2 gowns:

This one from Giggle Better Basics is convertible from a gown to a romper just by changing how you snap it up at the bottom, which was super useful for when my first daughter started crawling/cruising and also fit her for a very long time.

And this one from Babysoy. It’s organic cotton and the material feels AMAZING.  The sizes run TINY and the 3-6mo size is the perfect newborn size…at 3mos, my 2nd daughter barely fits in this 3-6mo gown anymore.


10-12 pairs of socks. Or skip them altogether and just get these booties from Zutano because they actually stay on (it seems like my baby loses her socks in mere seconds) and they don’t disappear into the abyss of the washing machine. Get size 3mo, which is equivalent to 0-3mo in these and the 3mo size fits tiny newborn feet just fine.


1-3 pairs of scratch mittens (if any, since lots of clothes come with the scratch cuffs at the NB size), I have these but she never really wore them.


Make sure to have one sun hat, as well as a couple of warm hats if you have A/C (lots of carter’s sets come with them, but I got these since I didn’t get any Carter’s sets this time around).


Carter’s makes good fleece ones if your apt is air conditioned/cold (I have 2 of them), Spasilk makes lighter cotton ones if your apt is warmer (I have 2 of them); and of course there’s Halo’s sleep sack, I only have this one, which is all I’ve needed, in size small (NOT the NB size) and it has fit since day 1 and continues to fit her well, and she still has quite a bit of space to grow. The NB size Halo sleep sacks/sleep swaddles are worthless after like a week, in my experience. The hospital gave me this one and I actually didn’t like it at all because it was super bulky and kept bundling up around my baby’s face whenever she slept in her rock n’ play and I was paranoid it would somehow suffocate her. Personally, I hated the Love to Dream swaddles, but other moms swear by them for their newborns.


It was a waste on my part to buy cute summery outfits…she hasn’t worn any, she just wears footies bc we’re usually only outside for short periods of time and then inside an air conditioned building, and as a newborn she gets too cold in shorts/dresses. Since it’s pretty hot outside, I just don’t put a onsie on underneath her footies.


She’s worn them like once. Mostly bc her feet get so cold and her socks fall off, so footies work better. If youplan on getting pants, just get like 2-3 pairs in NB max, and invest in the Zutano booties I mentioned earlier to avoid the lost socks issue.


Although she was born in the spring and it’s now the dead of summer, my daughter has worn this cute fleece romper more than anything else (in size 3mo, from day one) because she gets cold so easily (my 1st daughter was the total opposite and a ball of sweat, so whether or not you’ll find this useful really depends on your baby).


These aren’t clothes, but they are worth mentioning here since I can’t live without them with baby #2, but forgot they existed and didn’t register for them before she was born:

  • Car seat insert – I really need this, my baby is sooooo floppy. I have a Britax car seat and this is approved for use with it.
  • I didn’t use a baby carrier with my 1st daughter bc I tried pretty much every one that was on the market and hated them all. This time around, I came across this one, and I am obsessed. It’s really easy to put on, cute and CHEAP, plus you don’t need a newborn insert for it. I use it EVERYDAY.

Hope this helps alleviate some of your registry-building and baby preparation stress, good luck!

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