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We Dream, Vol. 2 – Music to Help You & Your Baby Sleep
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Although finding a way to play an audio cd (not sure why I didn’t just get the MP3 since I don’t have a cd player and my macbook pro doesn’t have a cd drive lol) took a bit of effort and ingenuity, it was well worth it. The songs are soothing and peaceful, much more so than the midi-heavy songs built into my baby’s rock n’ play and swing. There … Read More

What clothes do I actually need for my baby and in what sizes? Is buying newborn sizes worth it?
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My 2nd daughter was born slightly under 7 lbs. Tons of people gave us newborn stuff at my baby shower. Well, she’s now 3 months and around ~11lbs and I have so many cute NB outfits that she never got to wear and many still even have the tags on them. It bums me out that we didn’t receive bigger sizes in them! So, in retrospect, what clothes did I … Read More

Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow
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Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow This is one of my favorite toddler products for my daughter (note that I said toddler, not baby – remember that pillows can be dangerous for young babies!).  It is so soft and snuggly and it just has that “organic freshness” that only comes from organic cotton.  I am actually super jealous of my daughter and wish that I had one of these for myself! … Read More

BicMax Bath Toy Organizer
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BicMax Bath Toy Organizer I’ve been through my fair share of bath toy organizers and frankly, they’ve all been pretty bad.  Either they can’t hold much, their suction cups give out, or they end up all moldy.  But not this one.  It blows the competition (well, at least the other bath toy organizers that I’ve tried) out of the water (no pun intended).  It comes with 4 heavy-duty “lockable” suction … Read More

Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling)
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 Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling) – One Size Fits All – Easy On Your Back – Comfort For Your Baby – Can Be Used For Different Positions – Breastfeeding Privacy – Ocean Lanna I’ve always used more of the ergo-style carrier with both of my babies, and had never really thought about using a sling/ ring sling carrier, however I’m so glad that I did!  My newborn daughter absolutely … Read More

4 Pairs of Nursing Pads by IntiMom
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4 Pairs of Nursing Pads by IntiMom Love these boobie pads! They don’t get all balled up and mushy like the disposable kind, and they even stay in place better than the disposable ones even though they don’t have sticky tape on the back. They are super thin and less noticeable than the disposable ones, even in tighter clothes/bras. The one thing that I might add to make them better … Read More

Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra
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Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra I put this bra to the ultimate test…I wore it while flying from coast to coast WITHOUT my newborn. I wanted to see a) how comfortable it was b) how well it adjusted to my expanding breast size as I did/didn’t pump over the course of a few days and c) what kind of added leakage protection it offered me (in addition to breast … Read More