4 Pairs of Nursing Pads by IntiMom

4 Pairs of Nursing Pads by IntiMom


Love these boobie pads! They don’t get all balled up and mushy like the disposable kind, and they even stay in place better than the disposable ones even though they don’t have sticky tape on the back. They are super thin and less noticeable than the disposable ones, even in tighter clothes/bras. The one thing that I might add to make them better would be to have a few of them with black backs so that you could wear them with black bras confidently (ie without the fear that a little piece of the white part might be visible). Otherswise I just love these…they made it through an entire travel day with me where I couldn’t pump and didn’t have my 7-week-old with me. My disposable pads would have been gnarly by then, but these held up great! The included binky clip is super cute too. The pictures in this review show these pads compared to disposable Lansinoh pads.





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