I-Mate 7-day Programmable Digital Timer Switch

The instructions are indeed a bit confusing, but after a couple of reads they make more sense, and this works just like it is supposed to. The only things I’m still not very clear on though: 1) does turning on the random feature (ie if I go on vacation) override the timer settings that I programmed and 2) if I turn the on/auto/off button to “on” and forget to change it back to auto, will my timers not work? If I could get those questions answered (I asked them above) before i go on vacation, I would give this 5 stars, but since I’m about to leave on a trip and not sure how this will work (and therefore can’t tell how useful it will be as an anti-theft device), I have to ding a star. I figured out the basic set up pretty easily otherwise and will post a video soon for those of you who are confused.


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