LTE 100 LED Copper Wire Lights

LTE 100 LED Copper Wire Lights

I am one of “those” moms…the kind that is into arts and crafts and likes to label things with cute chalk labels and make a bunch of homemade stuff for my kids (you know the type- we can admittedly be kind of annoying lol), so when I saw the picture of these lights in the mason jar, I got totally excited about them and have both the daylight white ones and the warm white ones. I put the daylight white ones in a giant mason jar that I have and made a cute light for my daughters’ room. I had to drill a hole in the top for the cord to come out (no idea why the listing picture has a jar with a lid on it…that seems impossible since you have to plug these in). For the warm white ones, I used them to decorate around my daughter’s bunk bed, for use as a quazi-nightlight. I love both colors! The only thing I wish is that they had an on/off switch instead of having to plug them in, but oh well…easily solved with a remote light switch, which I have a bunch of (the kind you plug into the socket and then plug your electronic into…and has a portable switch you can stick on the wall somewhere).



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