Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling)

 slingMamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling) – One Size Fits All – Easy On Your Back – Comfort For Your Baby – Can Be Used For Different Positions – Breastfeeding Privacy – Ocean Lanna

I’ve always used more of the ergo-style carrier with both of my babies, and had never really thought about using a sling/ ring sling carrier, however I’m so glad that I did!  My newborn daughter absolutely loves this thing and it was way less daunting to put on than I originally thought that it would be. We tried it for the first time yesterday when she was crying and screaming her head off, and within minutes she was much calmer and eventually asleep.  She was just as snuggly, if not more so, than she is in the carrier that I normally use with her.  There are videos on the website and on YouTube that show you how to put this on if you’ve never done it before, and I highly recommend watching them if you’re new to sling carriers.  If you don’t put the material in through that loops correctly it can be kind of hard to adjust the size of the carrier and the video show you how to do it properly to prevent that. I had a few moments of frustration before watching the video but now I can put this carrier on within seconds. I also recommend that if you are new to this type of carrier, make sure you’re sitting on the couch or standing over something cushy when you try to put your baby in it for the first time. I almost dropped my daughter trying to do this but that’s my own fault, not the company’s!  The carrier is cute, functional and extremely durable looking so I plan to have it around for my future children as well.



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