Mamaway Maternity Support Belt


Maternity Support Belt – Ergonomic & Breathable Maternity Belt

Perfect for Pregnancy & Postnatal Recovery for Women – Comfortable Band Wrap for Lower Back, Hip & Pelvic Support

First off, I should start by mentioning that this product says very clearly on the box that it is a postnatal recovery support belt. It says nothing about being used during pregnancy as far as I can tell.  I think it could be useful during pregnancy as well as postpartum, however it’s definitely something to keep in mind that this is designed for postpartum usage and therefore you should get the right size if you’re pregnant meaning go up AT LEAST one size.  I am a few weeks postpartum and normally I’m a size 4 to 6 in pants and so I looked at the sizing chart on Amazon- I didn’t look at the inches, just the pants size, so I ordered a small which turns out is way too small for me.  In retrospect I definitely would’ve gotten a medium or maybe even a large especially if I was planning to use this during my pregnancy.  Either way make sure you measure your waist correctly instead of just assuming based on your pant size. Sizing aside, this is a very supportive product that kind of helps tuck everything back in where it should be. It is less supportive than a back brace you might get at your chiropractor’s office but more supportive than any other product that I personally have used. The material is meshy and relatively breathable, however this is definitely a product that you should consider wearing over a layer of clothing in my opinion, as well as from what it says on the box.

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