Shark 250-watt Motorcycle Audio System

Shark 250-watt Motorcycle Audio System

I received these as part of a promotion in exchange for my honest review, but frankly, I don’t really know what to say…I have NO IDEA how to install these. The instruction manual is horrible, it doesn’t even have a picture of how these are supposed to look on your motorcycle (or in my case, vespa). I am a mechanically-challenged girl though, so there’s a chance it’s easier to set up than the instructions suggest, but I’m just going to have to wait. I have no idea if I need to buy the extra part that everyone keeps mentioning, so I’m going to be bummed if I finally get someone to help me and it turns out I need to. One thing that I could at least tell from the instructions is that there are a lot of wires involved, including requiring an aux in from your phone/audio device if you want to use that. I have a feeling I’m going to end up crashing trying to mess with the buttons on my phone, the buttons on this, and all the wires, but I guess we’ll see…


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