Soft Digits 46-In-1 Accessories for GoPro Hero

Soft Digits 46-In-1 Accessories for GoPro Hero

This is a great kit for an amazing price (at least at the time of my this review). It comes with TONS of accessories in a really nice, durable, zippered case. All of the accessories come individually sealed in plastic baggies. While the fact that you get so much stuff with it is definitely a positive, it is also a little bit of a drawback too…none of the little bags are labeled, and frankly I could only easily tell what about 30% of the items were because of that. There’s obviously the floaty thing, the chest piece, the selfie stick and a few others, but some of the mounts and other less-obvious accessories are likely to end up useless to me since I don’t know what they are and I have to come back to this Amazon listing just to find a list of what’s in the kit, and then I have to guess as to which of the baggies is each of those parts…and frankly, that’s a little too much work, so I’ll probably just end up never using them. I also wish this came with instructions for some of the pieces. There’s literally nothing written anywhere for this kit, and it arrived without the pieces put in their appropriate spots in the foam (ie everything was sloppily thrown in together), and that seems a little lazy on the manufacturer’s part to me. However if you don’t mind that, and you know what all of these accessories are and how to use them (or if you have the time to figure them all out), then I’d definitely recommend this set!


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